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Founded by Katie McCray, a Registered  Teacher who is passionate about building confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence in kids!

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Why Mighty Me?

There is such a need today for focused social emotional learning skills directed at children and their families. 

As a parent, you are time poor and very tired. Maybe you were never taught these skills yourself, so don’t know how to pass them on to your children. 

Plus, we all know that our children don’t always listen to us when advice is offered! *wink*

There’s not enough time in schools for tailored, individualised support and there are long waiting lists for children to see GPs, allied health professionals and other support specialists. 

What is currently available is reactive and often only accessible once your child reaches ‘crisis’, which—let’s be honest—brings even more challenges. 

There needs to be proactive support available to all families so that children are better prepared to face life’s challenges and parents are equipped to foster their child’s development and navigate the challenges of parenting in the modern age.

Mighty Me Helps By...

Welcoming every child and supporting their unique needs and goals

Connecting parents and families to resources for social/emotional & wellbeing support online, from anywhere in the world

Providing unique SEL focused family daycare services to Gladstone region

Hi, I’m Katie!

I’m passionate about building confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence in kids! I have 18+ years experience as an early childhood educator and primary school teacher all over Queensland.

I started Mighty Me in 2015 to provide after school wellbeing and SEL programs that I wished I had time and resources to cover in my classroom. In 2020 I left the Queensland classroom to run SEL programs globally for an ed tech company. In the years since then, I’ve become a step-Mum and my passion for supporting kids and families has only grown. 

Mighty Me provides proactive support for the social and emotional wellbeing of children and their families. Through one on one coaching and group programs, we support the development of social skills, emotional regulation, mindfulness, resilience, executive functioning skills, communication, friendships, empathy, gratitude, confidence and more.

Philosophy & Mission

We are building a community of support for children and their families who would benefit from increased social and emotional wellbeing.

We enable children of all ages who would otherwise struggle with self-worth, social interactions and understanding emotions to gain confidence, resilience and social and emotional wellbeing using one on one and small group coaching.

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

Our programs cover all of the main concepts we value here at Mighty Me – self-identity, understanding emotions, self-regulation strategies, how our brain works, executive functioning skills through lego challenges and escape room games, mindfulness and yoga, friendships and more.


What Our Families are Saying

My daughter always came away happy and calm.

Katie is amazing and has really helped my daughter’s confidence levels and emotional wellbeing. She took us through step by step everything that had been discussed in the session and was always happy to spend extra time answering any questions we had.

Fiona B.

I wish all kids could see Katie!

I credit much of my daughter’s confidence to Katie. Her ability to self reflect and be mindful was definitely embedded during that time.

Claire T.

My 9 year old son has learned how to handle his emotions.

From when you first meet Katie you are made to feel so welcome and comfortable.  Katie designed the program and style that is best suited to my son and his style of learning. We are very grateful to have Katie in our lives and are thankful for what we have learned and accomplished.

Angela T.

Wellbeing Education for Kids

Enabling children of all ages to gain confidence, resilience and social/emotional wellbeing through online and face-to-face private or group coaching programs.

Katie McCray Registered Teacher