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Confidence Coaching for Kids

We Unleash Confidence in Kids through the Fun and Unique Katie McCray Way!

**Find out why kids keep coming back for more!

Who is Katie McCray?

MIGHTY KIDS Master Essential Life Skills to Confidently Handle ANY Challenge that Comes Their Way

I believe every kids deserves to grow up confident! Let’s face it. Life can be tough. The number one most important thing you can do for your child is teach them the art of resilience. My fun and unique approach equips kids with essential life skills setting them up for success. 

Supporting MIGHTY Parenting to Raise Resilient Children 

We empower kids with the tools to handle the challenges of life and connect parents with the resources for success.


Nurturing a safe space for your child to express themselves with a trusted adult. It’s so fun, kids can’t wait to come back. I book up quickly to put your name on the waitlist!


Strengthening emotional awareness at an early age for lifelong success. 

Our group programs strengthen friendship with other MIGHTY kids. The bonds are so strong that their MIGHTY friends are first on their ‘friends list’ for birthday parties!


We call our coaching sessions ‘parties’ because although they are professional and jam packed with essential tools for success, they are also so fun! Our aim is to make it something your child looks forward  to coming to each week.


We offer tools, resources and online group sessions to support proactive MIGHTY parents. In our non-judgment space, every concern matters.


affordable services as every child deserves to grow up confident

Every child has confidence inside them, but all it takes is one tiny moment to rip it from them and scar them for life. That’s why I take my work so seriously. It’s vital that children master the skills to NOT get scarred when undoubtably something will happen (as is life). 

I’m sure we all remember that ‘one time’ form our childhood that made us feel like *&^% and stopped us believing in that part of ourselves.

“My job is to make sure that lack-of-confidence that can trail through to adulthood WILL NOT HAPPEN in your child.”

From free resources,affordable group programs to private coaching, there is something for everyone at MIGHTY-ME!

drop and go service for time poor parents

Self care is an important part of parenting. That’s why we offer a drop and go service so you can go and do what needs to be done.

You can relax knowing your child is at a safe, judgement-free place where they are able to express themselves fully, and coached through any challenges without worrying about what ‘mum or day thinks’.

I respect your child’s right to privacy and although we may discuss ‘themes’ all details remain confidential to respect the authenticity of our MIGHTY space. 

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How Can I Best Serve You?

Well, You’re obviously a MIGHTY PARENT! 


Thank you for being here. I’d love to support your child through private or group coaching and empower your parenting journey through sharing the best tools and resource for raising MIGHTY kids. 

The next step is to…

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 Mighty Programs

MY NAME IS…Katie McCray

I take the proactive and preventative approach to parenting. Build confident, resilient kids and connected families to prevent the craziness that can come during tweens and teens. Happy, healthy kids = happy families. 

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Our mindful parenting toolkit was made for MIGHTY MUMS and DADS to manage life’s challenges. 



6 Steps to MIGHTY  Parenting 

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