Mighty Programs

Mighty Me private programs are tailored to your families needs. We provide in-house 1:1 session at our Mighty Me sanctuary in Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.

These sessions are perfect for kids who would benefit from 100% attention and support, especially during times where sharing details may feel overwhelming or intimidating in a group setting. Book and Meet and Greet to see if this suits your family.

Mighty Me group programs are full of fun activities that provide proactive tools and strategies to support confidence and resilience in your child. We offer a supportive place to make friends at the Mighty Me sanctuary in Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.

These sessions are great for kids to make friends in a super positive and special way. Many make such great friendships that they are invited to each other’s birthday parties! Book and Meet and Greet to see if this is exactly what your child needs.

Mighty Me private programs are tailored to your child’s particular needs. As COVID hit, we had to develop ways to keep serving and as a result we found we were able to help families both near and far!

These sessions are delivered online via zoom and are very interactive. They are perfect for kids who would benefit from 100% attention and support. Book and Meet and Greet to see if this is what you need.

Mighty Me offers wonderful group programs that are full of fun activities. We provide proactive tools and strategies to support confidence and resilience, delivered in a safe online space.

These sessions create lifeline virtual friends in a highly positive and supportive way. It’s also more affordable for families who value putting effort into building confidence and resilience in their child but may not be able to make the private 1:1 session price point. Book and Meet and Greet to see if this suits your family.

Mighty Kids (all ages)

Our Mighty Kids program has been designed to provide your child with a range of techniques and strategies to support their social and emotional wellbeing. Our sessions explore our personalities, emotions, friendships, brains and bodies through challenges, games, crafts and more.

This weekly program covers all of the main concepts we value you here at Mighty Me – self-identity, understanding emotions, self-regulation strategies, how our brain works, executive functioning skills through lego challenges and escape room games, mindfulness and yoga, friendships and more.

This two day program is jam packed full of activities, chats and chills. We will cover friendships, emotions, brain and body development, routines, communication skills and mindfulness.

Mighty Tweens is all about self-love, self-care, self-identify and self-confidence. It’s the boost every tween needs to carry them through the great unknown of adolescence. Mighty Tweens is a great example of how we can boost our child’s confidence just by giving them a space to talk, share, learn and build their own wellbeing toolkit.

Knowing ourselves and understanding what is happening in our bodies and minds is powerful!

Mighty Mates

Our Mighty Mates program has been designed to support your child as they navigate their ever-changing social environment. Your child will strengthen their resilience by developing a toolkit of strategies to support their understanding of themselves and others.

This weekly program promotes social skills and positive relationships. We learn the importance of being your own bestie and get to know our character strengths. We also focus on friendship qualities, resolving conflicts, changing friendships, meanness and bullying and how we can spread kindness.

Through games and activities, we develop a toolkit of resources and ideas to build children’s confidence.

Mighty Minis are an incredible group of kids where we introduce key concepts in a fun way. Think about the ‘Emoji Movie’ on steroids. This is a small group program for 3-5 year olds focusing on emotions, confidence and social skills. It is delivered only in-person at the Mighty Me sanctuary in Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.


What's Mighty Me all about?

Mighty Me provides proactive support for the social and emotional wellbeing of children and their families. Through one on one coaching and group programs, we support the development of social skills, emotional regulation, mindfulness, resilience, executive functioning skills, communication, friendships, empathy, gratitude, confidence and more.

What's Confidence Coaching?

Is your child struggling to build strong friendships? Would they benefit from being more organised? Do they need to recognise their emotions more effectively?

These are some of the goals that our Mighty Me families have for their kids. Our Confidence Coaching programs (one on one or small group) are developed with your family goals and activities are based on your child’s strengths and interests.

What's the best way to book in with you?

Bookings can be made via the Mighty Me Facebook or website. Each school term and holiday period, Mighty Me will release their current timetable for individual and small group coaching.

You can contact Katie directly through private message on Facebook or Instagram or via email katie@mighty-me.com to discuss availability.

Can I meet you first?

Initial complimentary meet and greets are available in our Mighty Me coaching space or via Zoom. Please contact Katie to arrange a suitable time.

Do parents attend the sessions?

Our Confidence Coaching sessions provide a role model for your child outside of your immediate family and are great for busy families. Parents are welcome to attend our individual or group sessions regularly or for specific purposes.

However, parent attendance is not required and most families drop off and pick up their children. There is a sign on sheet for each session your child attends.

Pricing and Payment...

Prices vary depending on the program you attend and its format. Discounts are available when you sign up for a school term package. Please refer to the pricing guidelines related to the program that suits your child and family.


What Our Families are Saying

My daughter always came away happy and calm.

Katie is amazing and has really helped my daughter’s confidence levels and emotional wellbeing. She took us through step by step everything that had been discussed in the session and was always happy to spend extra time answering any questions we had.

Fiona B.

I wish all kids could see Katie!

I credit much of my daughter’s confidence to Katie. Her ability to self reflect and be mindful was definitely embedded during that time.

Claire T.

My 9 year old son has learned how to handle his emotions.

From when you first meet Katie you are made to feel so welcome and comfortable.  Katie designed the program and style that is best suited to my son and his style of learning. We are very grateful to have Katie in our lives and are thankful for what we have learned and accomplished.

Angela T.

Wellbeing Education for Kids

Enabling children of all ages to gain confidence, resilience and social/emotional wellbeing through online and face-to-face private or group coaching programs.

Katie McCray Registered Teacher